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 Patch 58 on Testserver

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Lady Aalia

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PostSubject: Patch 58 on Testserver   Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:38 am

Trial Accounts

  • Removed the 15 day character age requirement for house placement
  • Players are not allowed to place a house while on a trial account
  • Players are not allowed to co-own or be traded a house while on a trial account
  • Trial players have travel restrictions – they cannot visit Felucca dungeons or Felucca T2A
  • Trial players will only receive basic ores and logs (iron, plain logs) even if they'd otherwise qualify for better types
  • Trial players will not receive sand or stone when mining
  • Trial players will not receive ML rewards for resource gathering (jewels, ingredients, or white pearls while fishing)
  • Trial players will not receive rewards, monster kill points, or virtue points from champ spawns
  • Trial players will not get scrolls while doing champ Spawns
  • Trial players will not gain Justice virtue points for killing murderers
  • Trial players cannot join factions or faction aligned guilds
  • Trial players cannot remain in a guild that has aligned with a faction
  • Trial players cannot do any repeatable quests – even if they are normally repeatable
  • Trial players cannot participate in Community Collections
  • Trial players cannot Protect or be Protected by another player
  • Trial players cannot use the Valor or Justice virtues
  • Trial players cannot use Scrolls of Alacrity, Power Scrolls, Stat Scrolls, or Scrolls of Transcendence
  • Trial players cannot use Commodity Deeds
  • Trial players cannot use Soulstones or Soulstone fragments
  • Trial players cannot use Pet summoning balls
  • Trial players cannot use Bracelets of Binding
  • Trial players cannot use the Bag of Sending

    Champ Spawns
  • Fixed an issue with SoT’s and Alacrity scrolls' effects stacking
  • Champ spawn bosses no longer accidentally spawn as Paragons
  • Dead players who receive a reward for killing the spawn will no longer see the reward deleted. It will be placed on their corpse.
  • Fixed an issue with the Champ Spawn altar getting stuck if the boss despawns or disappears
  • Fixed an issue with the drop rate in Trammel for SoT’s
  • Fixed an issue where the top attackers were not getting the right number of scrolls at a champ spawn
  • Fixed Mephitis small web attack – will no longer teleport players into the altar
  • Fixed an issue with champ spawn rewards appearing at the champ spawn instead of your backpack
  • Fixed an issue with static/unmovable items spawning at champ spawns
  • Tattered mummy wrappings will no longer stack with unhued bandages
  • Champ Spawn special rewards will no longer drop into your backpack if you are overweight or over the item limit

  • Gift of Life will now offer to resurrect you after death
  • Gem of Salvation will not longer delete itself if another player resurrects you
  • Added a Reuse timer of 15 seconds to faction bandages
  • Cupid will no longer block movement in Felucca
  • Players will no longer get multiple gumps with Cupid
  • Players completing the Naturalist quest should now get the correct type of seeds ( fire, white and black seeds)

    • Black and White seeds should only be peculiar plants
    • Fire Seeds should only be legacy plants plus the flowery cactus
    • Completing only 4 nests will continue to give the 4 rare colors on legacy plants only

  • Players can now use the Xmas Tree Deeds to place non decorated trees year round
  • Arcane power should now affect your summons/familiar, should give a 10% bonus for hit points for summons, necro animates, necro familiars, and necro revenants.
  • Immolating Weapon should now play a sound when the spell fades
  • Gift of Life should not be stripped from a player upon death
  • Gem of Salvation will no longer delete itself on death if the player is resurrected by another player
  • Added a profanity filter for Cupid and Barkeepers
  • Durability on certain items that started as 255 will be changed to 150 and are dyable
  • Players will no longer be able to inscribe locked down books
  • Removed the 3X player vendor costs on Siege/Mugen
  • Players can now trade Grizzled Mare Statues
  • Fixed an issue with durability not working on special items (such as faction equippables)
  • Mirror Images will now copy their summoner's alignment correctly
    Re-enabled access to the top level in Wrong dungeon.

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Patch 58 on Testserver
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